Through the years I have worked in the fields of banking, postal, retail, aged care, community arts, and tourism, and have gained valuable experience in vastly different areas of service.

I have also had over 30 years of enjoyment from a great love of amateur theatre – having performed in many plays and musicals in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  I have worn many hats during this time, from the roles of President, Director, Producer, through to costumes, set building and tickets !  All these skills help when preparing, writing, coordinating and performing ceremonies.

As a proud Mum of three, and a very happy Grandma of two, I firmly believe that ceremony, ritual, and individuality hold an important place in our society, and should be encouraged and embraced.

Whether we are honouring the passing of a loved one, celebrating the union of a man and woman in marriage, a same sex commitment, or any other significant rite of passage or special event, there is nothing like a beautiful and meaningful ceremony to reinforce it’s importance, and our love.

After all, “LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED”!